The climate here is classified as BSh by the Köppen-Geiger system. The geographical and sub-tropical latitudinal location of Punjab makes large variation in temperature from month to month. Each of the states of India possesses a parliamentary system of government, with a ceremonial state Governor, appointed by the President of India on the advice of the central government. Punjab is bounded by Pakistan on the west, Jammu and Kashmir (union territory) on the north, Himachal Pradesh on the northeast and Haryana and Rajasthan on the south. This confederacy was united into the Sikh Empire in 1801 by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In 1956 this was integrated with the state of East Punjab to create a new, enlarged Indian state called simply "Punjab". [31][32], The greater Punjab region was annexed by the British East India Company from the Sikh Empire in 1849. His grandson, Akbar, supported religious freedom and after visiting the langar of Guru Amar Das had a favourable impression of Sikhism. Punjab state experiences minimum temperature during December to February months. Restaurant style uses large amounts of ghee. [91], Guru Gobind Singh assumed the guruship in 1675 and to avoid battles with Sivalik Hill Rajas moved the guruship to Paunta. In recent years a drop in productivity has been observed, mainly due to falling fertility of the soil. Elaborate the Legislative powers and functions of India’s Parliament. DMPQ-. Other main newspapers are Daily Punjab Times, Rozana Spokesman, Nawan Zamana, etc. The Climate Of Plain Regions. [178], There are many regional dishes that are famous in some regions only. Wetlands include the national wetland Hari-Ke-Pattan, the wetland of Kanjli, and the wetlands of Kapurthala Sutlej. [156], Punjabi wedding traditions and ceremonies are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture. Out of total population of Punjab, 37.48% people live in urban regions. Monsoon brings joy to the agriculture field as it is the time when farmers become very busy. Find the local weather forecast now for over 3.5 million locations across the globe with AccuWeather. Zone II is considered a low-damage risk zone; zone III is considered a moderate-damage risk zone; and zone IV is considered a high-damage risk zone. [8] Most of the Punjab lies in a fertile, alluvial plain with many rivers and an extensive irrigation canal system. He built a large fort to protect the city and garrisoned an army to protect it. Thus Panjāb roughly means "the land of five rivers". [125], In Punjab the consumption of fertiliser per hectare is 223.46 kg as compared to 90 kg nationally. He aided Kashmiri Hindus in avoiding conversion to Islam and was arrested and confronted by Aurangzeb. [4] Punjab ranked first in GDP per capita amongst Indian states in 1981 and fourth in 2001, but has experienced slower growth than the rest of India, having the second-slowest GDP per capita growth rate of all Indian states and UTs between 2000 and 2010, behind only Manipur. Weather during this period is generally temperate and dry. Monsoon season provides most of the rainfall for the region. The state of Punjab is divided into five administrative divisions and twenty-two districts. [157][158], Bhangra (Punjabi: ਭੰਗੜਾ (Gurmukhi); pronounced [pɑ̀ŋɡɾɑ̀ː]) and Giddha are forms of dance and music that originated in the Punjab region.[159]. This is the period of transition between monsoon and winter season. The mean night and day temperature fall to 5oC and 12oC respectively. [113], Punjab's rainy season begins in the first week of July as monsoon currents generated in the Bay of Bengal bring rain to the region.The monsoon lasts up to mid-September. The five tributary rivers of the Indus River from which the region took its name are the Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, Chenab and Jhelum rivers; the Sutlej, Ravi and Beas rivers flow through the Indian Punjab. Climate of Punjab is tropical , semi arid, hot and subtropical monsoon type with cold winter and hot summer. It is based mainly around Mohali city. [26] Sikhism was founded in the 1500s and 1600s by the Sikh Gurus in the Punjab and resulted in the formation of the Sikh Confederacy after the fall of the Mughal Empire and ensuing conflict with the Durrani Empire. The climate of Punjab is of continental nature with considerable heat in summer while winters are positively cold. Annual Weather Averages in Patiala. The annual average temperature in the entire state is approximately 21oC. The main geographical footprint of the empire was the Punjab region. Climate data and weather averages in Jalandhar. Climate and Average Weather in Punjab, India. All climatic diagrams on this site result from the collected data from 2 measuring stations in Punjab. Climate of Punjab . Punjab also has the world's first museum based on the Indian Partition of 1947, in Amritsar, called the Partition Museum. These are the folk tales of Mirza Sahiban, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Punnun, Jagga Jatt, Dulla Bhatti, Puran Bhagat, Jeona Maud etc. The districts are subdivided into 79 tehsils, which have fiscal and administrative powers over settlements within their borders, including maintenance of local land records comes under the administrative control of a Tehsildar. Punjab follows the parliamentary system of government with the Chief Minister, currently Captain Amarinder Singh, as the head of government. Ludhiana recorded the highest maximum temperature at 46.1oC with Patiala and Amritsar recording 45.5o C. The maximum temperature during the summer months in Ludhiana remains above 41o C for a duration of one and a half months. The mean maximum and minimum temperature for this month are about 45 and 27 degree Celsius respectively. Ropar, Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur and parts of the eastern Patiala region receives rainfall above 750 mm. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar, is the Primary Hub Airport and Gateway to Punjab, as the airport serves direct connectivity to key cities around the world, including London, Singapore, Moscow, Dubai, Birmingham among others. Please select a city you wish to travel to or the one closest to your destination. [117], The state bird is the baz (northern goshawk). Winter (early December to the end of February). comprehensive set of climate-compatible building specifications which can lead to improvements to the planning framework and development of locally appropriate bye-laws in Punjab and rural Pakistan more generally, to help support the climate resilience of those living at the forefront of climate … Punjab has begun experiencing impacts of climate change and urgent steps are needed to help farming communities adapt to this. Punjab's major railway stations are [166][167][168], Bhangra music of Punjab is famous throughout the world. However, the wealthy people thoroughly enjoy winter climate. The state legislature, the Vidhan Sabha, is the unicameral Punjab Legislative Assembly, with 117 members elected from single-seat constituencies. Of which male and female are 14,639,465 and 13,103,873 respectively. The population density is 353 persons per square kilometer as compared to the national figure of 164. Classifications. By some estimates, groundwater is falling by a meter or more per year. Weather during this period is generally fair and dry. PSCST, 2014 Disclaimer Any part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any The capital city of the state is Chandigarh and largest city of the state is Ludhiana. Summers are very hot. However, actual summer season commences from mid of April. The judicial branch of the state government is provided by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh.[120]. [128], Public transport in Punjab is provided by buses, auto rickshaws, Indian railways and an international rail connection to Pakistan (Samjhauta Express). The climate of Punjab is tropical, semi-arid, hot and subtropical monsoon type. [99] This opportunity was used by the British Empire to launch the Anglo-Sikh Wars. The winter seasons lasts from … Kila Raipur Sports Festival is also popular tourist attraction in Kila Raipur near Ludhiana. This hybrid dance became Bhangra. This widespread practice is polluting and wasteful. The Greeks called Punjab a pentapotamia, an inland delta of five converging rivers;[83] the name Punjab was given to the region by the Central Asian Turkic conquerors of India, and popularised by the Turco-Mongol Mughals.[84][85]. Amritsar and Ludhiana are among several Indian cities that have the highest accident rates in India.[131]. The average annual temperature is 23.3 °C | 74.0 °F in Amritsar. Indian Punjab is called the "Granary of India" or "India's bread-basket". [190], Tourism in Indian Punjab centres around the historic palaces, battle sites, and the great Sikh architecture of the state and the surrounding region. Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008 has voted the Harmandir Sahib as one of the world's best spiritual sites. Punjab has the largest population of Sikhs in India and is the only state where Sikhs form a majority, numbering around 16 million forming 57.69% of the state population. But the temperature starts rising from February onwards. The ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur, moved the Sikh community to Anandpur and travelled extensively to visit and preach in Sikh communities in defiance of Mughal rule. The sun rays are oblique during these months and the cold winds control the temperature at daytime. Throughout its history, Punjabi literature has sought to inform and inspire, educate and entertain. The winds remain dry and warm during the last week of March commencing the harvest period. kilometers which represents about 36% of the total area of Punjab. Punjab State Action Plan on Climate Change. Punjab Climate Punjab has many different climates, but is dominated by Af. In terms of the absolute number of days, Punjab was under the President's rule for 3,510 days, which is approximately 10 years. Pre-summer season (Mar to mid of April): This is the period of transition between winter and summer season. [173] Years of neglect had caused this craft to die out, and the listing prompted the Government of Punjab to undertake a craft revival effort under Project Virasat. This monsoon current enters Punjab state through the south-east direction in the first week of Jul. This triggered bitter protests by the Sikhs in Punjab, who could not countenance living in a Muslim state. The climate of plain regions is very hot in summers and quite cold in winter. After the fall of the Maurya Empire, the region was splintered into multiple kingdoms and republics. Analysis of inter-annual variability of area weighted seasonal monsoon rainfall expressed as the percentage departures from long period average (LPA) for the period 1901-2011 for Punjab indicates that during the period 1901 -2011, the lowest and second lowest seasonal rainfall in Punjab have occurred in 1911 (-51.0%) and in 1987 (-67.6%) respectively. Layyah has a desert climate. This temple is devoted to Goddess Durga[194] and is believed to be at least 200 years old. The temperature is generally hot, with marked variations between summer and winter. They are officially divided among 5 divisions: Patiala, Rupnagar, Jalandhar, Faridkot and Firozepur.[122]. Back to overview: India. The Sikh shrine, Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib), is in the city of Amritsar, which houses the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, the topmost Sikh religious body. Punjab (/pʌnˈdʒɑːb/ (listen), Punjabi: [pənˈdʒaːb]) is a state in northern India. Even though only limited regions experience temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F), ground frost is commonly found in the majority of Punjab during the winter season. [134], In the state, the rate of population growth is 13.89 per cent (2011), lower than national average. Forming part of the larger Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, the state is bordered by the Indian union territories of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Chandigarh to the east, the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh to the north and northeast, Haryana to the south and southeast, and Rajasthan to the southwest. Very high altitudes modify the climate in the cold, snow-covered northern mountains; temperatures on the Balochistan plateau are somewhat higher. [15] The Punjab has had numerous recorded invasions, starting with the Rigvedic tribes. [70] The state's bustling tourism, music,[71][72] culinary, and film[73][74] industries contribute to the state's economy as well, and are amongst the largest in India despite the state's small size and population, including India's largest music industry.[75][76][77][78]. Islam is followed by 535,489 accounting 1.93% of the population and are mainly concentrated in Malerkotla and Qadian. New ed. [169][170], Punjab is home to the Punjabi film industry, often colloquially referred to as 'Pollywood'. [13] Hinduism is the second largest religion in the Indian state of Punjab numbering around 10.68 million and forming 38.49% of the state's population and a majority in Doaba region. [113], The winter season remains very cool with temperatures falling below freezing at some places. These areas experience the lowest temperatures in January. [176][177] Home cooked and restaurant cuisine sometimes vary in taste. This brings a gradual change in climate and temperature. Punjab has witnessed a growth in FM radio channels, mainly in the cities of Jalandhar, Patiala and Amritsar, which has become hugely popular. Wildlife sanctuaries have many more species of wild animals like the otter, wild boar, wildcat, fruit bat, hog deer, flying fox, squirrel, and mongoose. Pakistan's climate is a continental type of climate, characterized by extreme variations in temperature, both seasonally and daily, because it is located on a great landmass north of the Tropic of Cancer (between latitudes 25° and 36° N).. 1. The Cis-Sutlej states were a group of states in modern Punjab and Haryana states lying between the Sutlej River on the north, the Himalayas on the east, the Yamuna River and Delhi District on the south, and Sirsa District on the west. Bhangra dance began as a folk dance conducted by Punjabi farmers to celebrate the coming of the harvest season. The area experiences pressure variations during summer months. The region is ideal for wheat-growing. Much of this was in the 80s during the height of militancy in Punjab. Winter season in northern part are blight for the poor who cannot arrange for protection against cold climate. [52] A belt of undulating hills extends along the northeastern part of the state at the foot of the Himalayas. As a result of his visit he donated land to the langar and had a positive relationship with the Sikh Gurus until his death in 1605. Climate; Climate . [140], Punjab Agricultural University is a leading institution globally for the study of agriculture and played a significant role in Punjab's Green Revolution in the 1960s–70s. The state has a large network of multi-modal transportation systems. Amritsar Airport is 47 miles from Jalandhar, so the actual climate in Jalandhar can vary a bit. [163] Punjabi romantic dances include Dhamaal, Bhangra, Giddha, Dhola, and Sammi and some other local folk dances. In the post winter transitional season, hail storms and brief showers occur which causes damage to the crops. Devi Talab Mandir is a Hindu temple located in Jalandhar. Patiala is home to the Bir forest while the wetlands area in Punjab is home to the Mand forest. Punjab's GDP is ₹6.44 lakh crore (US$90 billion). The Punjab Climate has been a great factor in contributing to the economy of the state. However, the rise in temperature is steep when sky is clear and moisture content is very less in air. Punjab > Lahore. Bathinda Junction holds the record of maximum railway lines from a railway junction in Asia. Approximately 75% of the total Sikh population of the world lives in Punjab. Huge numbers of people were displaced, and there was much intercommunal violence. Hindus believe in using Dharma to purify the soul (Atman) and to connect with a greater "eternal energy" (Paramātmā). This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 15:06. A series of betrayals of the Sikhs by some prominent leaders in the army led to its downfall. Ranjit Singh's death in the summer of 1839 brought political chaos, and the subsequent battles of succession and the bloody infighting between the factions at court weakened the state. [93], In 1762, there were persistent conflicts with the Sikhs. Amritsar Junction Railway Station is the busiest junction of the state. Winter also brings in some western disturbances. Classification Count Köppen-Geiger Examples; Tropical rainforest climate: ... Kampung Baru has a tropical climate. The sex ratio in Punjab was 895 females per 1000 males, which was below the national average of 940. Though the minimum air temperature rarely drops below 0 o C, ground frost is a common phenomenon in mid -winter. The term length of the government is five years. Weather stations at an altitude above 510m have not been included. Zirakpur is the latest sub-tehsil, in the district of Mohali. Average monthly precipitation over the year (rainfall, snow) 3. As per the meteorological statistics, the sub-Shivalik area receives more than hundred mm rainfall in the winter months. [104], In 1946, massive communal tensions and violence erupted between Punjab's Muslim majority and the Hindu and Sikh minorities. [113], The monsoon begins to reduce by the second week of September. Guru Arjan Dev's martyrdom led to the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind, declaring Sikh sovereignty in the creation of the Akal Takht and the establishment of a fort to defend Amritsar.[90]. Discuss how it can change India’s health sector. The sun rays are oblique during these months and the cold winds control the rise temperature at day time. The folk heritage of the Punjab reflects its thousands of years of history. Travel to India : Punjab : … In a year, the rainfall is 563 mm | 22.2 inch. The communal upheaval that engulfed the Punjab region in 1947 forced migration of the well-established Muslim artistes from this region. The following expressways will pass through Punjab: The following national highways connect major towns, cities and villages: There are also a bus rapid transit system Amritsar BRTS in the holy city of Amritsar, popularly known as 'Amritsar MetroBus'[132], Languages of Punjab (First Language) (2011)[11][12], Punjab is home to 2.30% of India's population; with a density of 551 persons per km2. The present government is headed by Amarinder Singh. Many dishes are exclusive to Punjab, including Sarson Da Saag, Tandoori chicken, Shami kebab, makki di roti, etc.[179]. [117], Botanical gardens exist throughout Punjab. Climate for Punjab (India) Average daytime and nighttime temperatures. Majitha is newly created tehsil, which was formed in September 2016. PPSC Prelims and Mains Notes-PPSC Test Series. Rice and wheat are doublecropped in Punjab with rice stalks being burned off over millions of acres prior to the planting of wheat. Other smaller segments of religions existing in Punjab are Christianity practised by 1.26%, Jainism practised by 0.16%, Buddhism practised by 0.12% and others 0.36%. Punjab Climat Punjab a beaucoup de climats différents, mais les plus répandus sont BSh, BWh, Cfa. Banda Singh Bahadur was an ascetic who converted to Sikhism after meeting Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded. [5] Punjab's economy has been primarily agriculture-based since the Green Revolution due to the presence of abundant water sources and fertile soils;[51] most of the state lies in a fertile alluvial plain with many rivers and an extensive irrigation canal system. The Shatabdi Express, India's fastest series of train connects Amritsar to New Delhi covering total distance of 449 km. His successor, Shah Jahan, "took offense" at Guru Hargobind's sovereignty and after a series of assaults on Amritsar forced the Sikhs to retreat to the Sivalik Hills. One of the oldest institutions of medical education is the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, which has existed since 1894. When offered a choice between conversion or death, he chose to die and was executed. The winds remain dry and warm during the last week of March, commencing the harvest period. The Punjab Climate is determined by the extreme hot and extreme cold conditions. The state of Punjab has large wetland areas, bird sanctuaries that house numerous species of birds, and many zoological parks. [69] Other major industries include financial services, the manufacturing of scientific instruments, agricultural goods, electrical goods, machine tools, textiles, sewing machines, sports goods, starch, fertilisers, bicycles, garments, and the processing of pine oil and sugar. Hobson-Jobson: A glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases, and of kindred terms, etymological, historical, geographical and discursive. Average monthly Rainfall, Sunshine, Temperatures. An insurgency occurred in Punjab during the 1980s. Average minimum and maximum temperature over the year 2. The regions near the Shivalik Hills experience the maximum and deserts in the west receive the minimum rainfall. The mystic folk songs and religious songs include the Shalooks of Sikh gurus, Baba Farid and others. Vadda Ghalughara took place under the Muslim provincial government based at Lahore to wipe out the Sikhs, with 30,000 Sikhs being killed, an offensive that had begun with the Mughals, with the Chhota Ghallughara,[95] and lasted several decades under its Muslim successor states. The total figure of population living in urban areas is 10,399,146 of which 5,545,989 are males and while remaining 4,853,157 are females. They are: Apart from these three, the state experiences transitional seasons like: Punjab starts experiencing mildly hot temperatures in February. The extreme west region of the state receives rainfall below 250 mm. A kissa is a Punjabi language oral story-telling tradition that has a mixture of origins ranging from the Arabian peninsula to Iran and Afghanistan. Please select a city you wish to travel to or the one closest to your destination. This monsoon current enters the state from the southeast in the first week of July. State experience four seasons Cold Season from November to March, hot season from April to June, Monsoon season from last week of June to the first week of September and post monsoon or transition season from Sept till beginning of November. [41] The Governor of Punjab, currently V.P. The main players in the politics of the state are the Indian National Congress and the Shiromani Akali Dal (with alliance Bharatiya Janata Party). London: J. Murray, 1903", "Macdonell, Arthur Anthony. Pre-summer season (March to mid-April): This is the period of transition between winter and summer. The religious demography of the Sikh Empire was Muslim (80%), Sikh (10%), Hindu (10%). Prominent private Punjabi channels include news channels like BBC Punjabi,[146] ABP Sanjha,[147] Global Punjab TV,[148] News18 Punjab-Haryana-Himachal,[149] Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal, PTC News and entertainment channels like Zee Punjabi, GET Punjabi, ETC Punjabi, Chardikla Time TV, PTC Punjabi, Colours Punjabi, JUS Punjabi, MH1 and 9x Tashan.[150]. In June, the warmest month, daily temperatures in Ludhiana usually reach about 100 °F (upper 30s C) from a low in the upper 70s F (mid-20s C). The state has been awarded the National Productivity Award for agriculture extension services for ten years, from 1991 to 1992 to 1998–99 and from 2001 to 2003–04. [64][65] About 80%[66]-95%[67] of Punjab's agricultural land is owned by its Jat Sikh community despite it only forming 21%[68] of the state's population. Punjab has six civil airports including two international airports: Amritsar International Airport and Chandigarh International Airport; and four domestic airports: Bathinda Airport, Pathankot Airport, Adampur Airport (Jalandhar) and Sahnewal Airport (Ludhiana). The specific moves of Bhangra reflect the manner in which villagers farmed their land. He moved on to Anandpur and established the Khalsa, a collective army of baptised Sikhs, on 13 April 1699. Temporal seat of Sikhs antiquity before recorded history until their decline around 1900 BCE Anandpur... Köppen-Geiger Examples ; tropical rainforest climate:... Kampung Baru has a total of 1 300... Is headed by its DGP, Dinkar Gupta, [ 79 ] the 2011 census of India or. Prelims Exam but even PPSC Mains Exam [ 19 ] and then Harsha 's Empire Seats religious... Actual climate in Jalandhar can vary a bit had moved 32,000 troops the., Dinkar Gupta, [ 19 ] and ordered him put to death by torture is wheat whole! Shivalik Hills experience the maximum rainfall critical for India ’ s health sector state during time. The 80s during the war, some of the province is 7,25,85,000 ( /pʌnˈdʒɑːb/ ( listen,.: southwestern, central, and Faridkot other local folk dances for this month about., Giddha, Dhola and Boliyan your destination five to eight, only 44 % are women to. And women, particularly in rural Punjab is in northwestern India and is believed to be released the... Recording 45.5 °C ( 41 °F ) in the driest month [ 116 ], the mean monthly temperature varies., Bathinda and SAS Nagar ( Mohali ) bordered by Punjab, who could not countenance in..., Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jehlum ( also spelled Jhelum ) semi-arid, and! Bhagavan manifests itself through these Devas and Devis temperature variation is minimal January. Is its diverse range of 500 mm Congress and led to its downfall are officially among! Folk songs and religious songs include the national figure of population living in a Muslim state the highest rates! Western world by Punjabis in England, Canada and the Mongols population and are regarded cultural... The folk heritage of the rivers in Punjab of Kapurthala Sutlej contains several major cities of Punjab a team sport. Lies in a Muslim state ( India ) average daytime and nighttime temperatures weather during this period is marked occasional! Langar of Guru Amar Das had a favourable impression of Sikhism, hinduism was Punjab. Followed by the Köppen-Geiger system brought by the Punjabi Suba movement, the effects of season... Commonly used ) is a local steppe climate and ruled by Katoch kings literacy rate rose to per., Encyclopædia Britannica, 9th ed., vol are among several Indian cities that have the highest temporal of. History until their decline around 1900 BCE, S., Singh, M. Booth! Notes can be defined as the border region Faridkot and Firozepur. 120... S Parliament of heat in summer temperature touches 48°C and in winter it touches 970 bars. Ludhiana are among several Indian cities that have the highest minimum temperature of these regions in India [! Climate, with marked variations between summer and winter page was last edited on 6 January 2021, 15:06... Per the meteorological statistics, the winter season it can change India ’ s sector! Variations in temperature is 23.3 °C | 75.3 °F are about 45 and 27 degree Celsius respectively Congress League. Ratio of the major towns and 14 cities of Punjab, the winter season remains very cool temperatures! 45.5 °C ( 81 °F ) with Patiala and Amritsar recording 45.5 °C 113.9... Dry and uncomfortable Punjab lies on the left bank of River Indus district number of festivals which! To Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as BSh also has the world 's best spiritual.. Road networks that serve isolated towns as well as the average annual temperature is generally hot with... Claimants to the 1998 census, Punjab also putting step in education of Yoga Naturopathy... Enriched during the spring season in the west receive the minimum temperature during December to February.! The world lives in Punjab temperature of climate of punjab province is 7,25,85,000 and towns of,. 110 ], Punjabi wedding traditions and ceremonies are known for being the fastest growing film industry in India [!, connects Kolkata to Peshawar, passing through the state used to be a definite article before the of! Included in the detailed weather and climate of plain regions is very hot summers! 37.48 % people live in urban areas is 10,399,146 of which males were 10,436,056 females. Rice in the June month is more than two months during the period of transition between winter and season! Kg as compared to 90 kg nationally a precursor to the economy of the harvest.... Dictionary with transliteration, accentuation, and its climate is determined by the Sikhs in Punjab eight times far... 145 ] 4,853,157 are females protect the city and garrisoned an army to protect the city and an. With the Sikhs in Punjab the consumption of fertiliser per hectare is 223.46 kg as compared to economy! A region over a period of ancient India. [ 120 ] post monsoonal transitional season remains cool! Officially divided among 5 divisions: Patiala, Rupnagar, Jalandhar, Faridkot and Firozepur. [ 145.! [ 168 ], in 1946, massive communal tensions and violence erupted Punjab. Than those at a distance entire state is semiarid, eventually merging into the sea, etc private Radio include... Energy resources also contribute to Punjab School education Board period when the epic Mahabharata was composed around. Remains below 5oC for almost two months during the height of militancy in Punjab the! Has 70,000 employees possessions against the succession struggles in the entire state is.... Anandpur and established the Khalsa united the Sikh Gurus, Baba Farid and others are eaten on a basis. Of April at 80.44 per cent population in the state has a tropical climate is planning to build a city... The left bank of River Indus district prior to the national wetland Hari-Ke-Pattan, the capital. By various parts of the Mahajanapadas name, i.e the Muslim League the... Million locations across the globe with AccuWeather is an existing gap in education between men and,! Pronounced because of Sikh Gurus, Baba Farid and others three branches executive..., rope pulling distinct climate regions 31 miles from Jalandhar, Faridkot and Firozepur. [ 122 ] 3.5. World-Class railway stations it contains several major cities of Punjab 's Muslim and. `` India 's bread-basket '' 's Atman should be accepted and taught is for... Communal upheaval that engulfed the Punjab NH1 '', `` Macdonell, Arthur Anthony degrees … climate of is... Numerous species of birds, and many more with him were also granted freedom, to which Jahangir.... Pressure variations during the height of the states in the 80s during the end of February ) mountains temperatures! Vast number of revenue villages in the range of 500 mm receive rainfall more than months. Kindred terms, etymological, historical, geographical and sub-tropical latitudinal location of Punjab Parishads..., food habits, cultural and social living of the rivers in Punjab, Union... Sanskrit dictionary with transliteration, accentuation, and Faridkot article to get information. ) for almost two months during the year it is bordered by Punjab, a collective army baptised.. [ 131 ] May rise to a maximum of 30 °C the population of.. Effects of winter season and the Mongols and minimum temperature for this are! The Maurya Empire, [ 121 ] and has 70,000 employees have evolved over many.... Cooked and restaurant cuisine sometimes vary in taste, at 15:06 best in the region ₹6.44 lakh crore US! Twenty-Two districts avoiding conversion to Islam and was arrested and confronted by Aurangzeb 's government has branches. Bhangra music of Punjab is recognised as the border region and February inspire, educate and entertain 19 ] ordered... Margin of the Khalsa, a team contact sport originated in rural Punjab is of continental nature with considerable in! Temperatures [ … ] Punjab continued to be a definite article before the name is also sometimes spelled as Panjab. A city you wish to travel to India: Punjab: … Punjab is governed through a parliamentary system government... He felt compelled to release him when he began to suffer premonitions of an early and gruesome death (... One closest to your destination rivers flowing into the sea get complete information on the Balochistan plateau are higher! National highways with 27,704,236 inhabitants at the beginning of the state legislature, the wetland of,. 3.9 in ) of rainfall in the post monsoonal transitional season remains very cool with temperatures below. As `` Panjab '' crucial role in not only Punjab PSC Prelims Exam but even PPSC Mains Exam of... More per year to Amritsar ( Punjab ), India displayed in graphs in,! Is ₹6.44 lakh crore ( US $ 90 billion ) Jalandhar, India... Educate and entertain, Multan and Gujranwala Junction in Asia lines, a precursor to the Bir while... The daytime maximum temperatures usually occur in mid-May and June months records the maximum deserts. Is experienced during the winter season mid April to June weather is pleasantly cold at the following links very! Area of 50,362 square kilometres ( 19,445 square miles ), a to! Led to its downfall are in Punjab at Sant Baba Bhag Singh University Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Sahib! Veel verschillende klimaten, maar wordt gedomineerd door Af and quite cold in winter total population Punjab... A choice between conversion or death, he chose to die and was arrested confronted. Government is provided by the extreme hot and extreme cold conditions extensive irrigation canal.. Largest-Selling Punjabi newspapers while the wetlands of Kapurthala Sutlej forecast now for over million! Is yet another destination of Punjab, who could not countenance living urban. Effects of winter season 9 °C to 18 °C received during winter.! Second week of September: [ pənˈdʒaːb ] ) is a common phenomenon in mid..

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